Celebrities And Top Business Leaders Love Yoga!

It is no secret that Yoga is one of the best ways to improve your mind, body and soul and don't the 'A' list celebrities and top business leaders of this world just know it!  

So why is Yoga so popular with the rich, famous and successful? Well, for a start it is one discipline that doesn't require lots of bulky equipment so it is easy to practice in tight spaces like tour busses or hotel rooms. Yoga also helps to reduce stress and increase fitness levels while working on a demanding schedule.

In August 2012 Linda from Inspiral Yoga had the pleasure of teaching  Elizabeth Murdoch yoga before her keynote speech at the Guardian Media Awards.

Elizabeth Murdoch is CEO and Chairman of 'Shine Ltd", a large and very well established television production company, bringing us such joys as 'Masterchef' and 'Banged Up Abroad'. In-fact in February of 2013, Elizabeth was assessed as the 5th most powerful woman in the United Kingdom by BBC Radio 4.

After our Yoga sessions, Elizabeth went on to deliver her speech at the MacTaggart lectures, relaxed, with grace and ease.

Other famous students of ours include Carla Freeman (Bodyform advert!), Sinead Cusack (my mother even knows her!)…(yes, yes, all a little 1980s..)

Off the yoga mat, celebrities have also been known to study with Linda in the academic field.  Unfortunately Linda is not up on the celebrities and embarrassingly scolded a student for the impertinence of asking permission to be excused from Saturday tutorials to ‘play football’. ‘Play football’ she explained, compounded by ‘do you coach children?...   Only to later discover that this particular student is in-fact one of Britain’s most eminent football players.

Here is a list of well known celebrity yoga fans

  1. Michelle Williams
  2. Heather Graham
  3. Adam Levine
  4. Alessandra Ambrosio
  5. Jon Bon Jovi
  6. Miranda Kerr
  7. Sting
  8. Jennifer Aniston
  9. Russell Simmons
  10. Lady Gaga



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