Compassion Corner: Increasing awareness and support of like minded and worthwhile campaigns

In this blog post section we aim to increase awareness and support of likeminded and worthwhile campaigns which resonate with our own Yoga philosophies.

We would love for you to share your own experiences while working with, or supporting worthy charitable organisations in the comments section below.

We were taught some twenty years ago during the Rio summit, that it is extremely difficult to deliver sustainable development. As a result, carbon emissions, deforestation, demise of fisheries, water stress, pollution, soil erosion and acidification of the oceans continue to increase. Why, in 2013 is more not being done to save the planet and our prescious resources? This is why Edinburgh Yoga company; Inspiral Yoga, are asking for the support of The Hard Rain Project.

Hard Rain Project

The Hard Rain Project is an outdoor exhibition which is designed to educate and spread the word that something needs to be done about Global Warming and sustainable development.

They hope to also showcase how all of our problems connect by cause and effect, and need to be tackled together at a grassroots level. They aim to achieve this by inspiring decision makers, political leaders and influential figureheads to lead the way in making progress by reversing the devistation caused by recent unethical and destructive industrial practices.  


To learn more about and show your support of the Hard Rain Project please visit:

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