Inspiral Yoga: Seasonal Blog

Welcome to the Inspiral Yoga 'Seasonal Blog'! In this section we will be with you while you sunbathe, rake up the Autumn leaves, celebrate Spring and freeze during the harsh and long Edinburgh winter.  

We will be exploring seasonal activities and events that are taking place in Edinburgh, and of course sharing seasonal Yoga tips and news with you.

What are you doing this Spring/Summer? We would love to hear what you are up to, and invite you to share your stories with us by commenting in the section below.

Yoga and Arthur's Seat

Have you ever practiced Yoga at the summit of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh? We have! Arthur's Seat is an icon of Edinburgh and is a fantastic place to practice Yoga. With spectacular views of the city, what's not to love? Whatever the weather, Arthur's Seat is a beauty to behold and is truly nature's playground.

As part of the Big Dance celebrations in June 2012, Dance Base organised an outdoor yoga session that took place up Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh. This session was delivered by Linda at Inspiral Centre.

Here we are!

Arthur's Seat throughout the year


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