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Students and associates of Inspiral Centre please use this space to share your latest news, achievements, make announcements and send us your amazing yoga pictures! 

We will be adding to this section on a regular basis and would love for the Inspiral Yoga 'Student Corner' to become a thriving hub of activity. Share Yoga tips, events, pictures and general Yoga related chat with the rest of the Inspiral community! We look forward to hearing your stories!

Yoga Retreat April

Many thanks to all attending the ‘Introduction to Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong’ weekend at Samye Ling.

We had a fabulous weekend in the spectacular setting of Samye Ling (a Buddhist Monastry) in the heart of the Scottish Borders.  A tranquil setting, with temples, herb gardens, pleasant walks and a rather lovely tea room with cakes .. and much more.

The weekend consistent of a varied programme including learning a flowing Tai chi sequence, the sun salutations of Ashtanga Yoga, the Golden Sun practice of Qi Gong.  

As well as this there was plenty time to relax, walk, meet new friends and even participant in team challenges.   The teams included : Myclinsh, Cinch , The Unbendables and the Peahens – much fun and hilarity was involved in achieving the tasks set – well done.

Some very talented team members, including this sketch of the ‘Peahens’ practicing tai chi on top of Fairy Hill:

Inspiral Yoga Student News

We say farewell to Alex Yermilov, a talented young Inspiral yoga student indeed. Alex departs Edinburgh and is off to study in London and we sincerely wish him well on his new path in life! 


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