We are currently organising ethical travel retreats for all ages and experience. These will feature yoga and also a variety of activities, such as yoga, tai chi and painting. 

In 2016 we have planned a trip to Mysore and Tamil Nadu, India.  (booking via  We are also planning a trip to Romania for 2017, that will involve hiking and yoga. Sign up to our newsletter on the home page to keep up to date with this. 

India Retreat

The historic city of Mysore in Karnataka, famous for its palace, silk, sandalwood, incense and temples. The Green Hotel is a former palace with large gardens and good fresh food. 

Accommodation Green Hotel  Green Hotel Yoga Green Hotel

In the coming months we will be organising an open evening where you can come to chat with us about these trips to learn about the destinations and the type of activities the trips will include.

email Linda f you would like to put your name down to be contacted about our trips.  or email re. details for Yoga Retreat India July 2016.